2021 VA Loan Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for any VA Loan option, the Department of Veteran's Affairs require that the applicant be an Active Duty Service member, a Veteran meeting certain requirements, or a qualifying member of Reserve forces. Active Duty members are eligible for VA Loans after no-less than 90 Days of active duty service. Veterans that have 181 days of active duty service, no dishonorable discharge, and/or 90 days of active duty during war are eligible for VA Loans. National Guard and National Reserve members are also eligible for these military loans after there completation of their initial contract or a completation of a military deployment.

Federal VA Loan

The Federal VA loan is a $0 down mortgage option available to Veterans, Service Members and select military spouses. VA loans are issued by private lenders, such as a mortgage company or bank, and guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). In Oregon & Washington, the standard VA loan cap is $548,250.

VA Jumbo Loan

A VA Jumbo Loan is a loan that is over the Fannie Mae conforming loan limit of $548,250. This loan may or may not require a down payment. Each loan is determined on a case-by-case basis. Down payments are usually much lower than a standard jumbo loan.

Among the requirements for jumbo loans are a need for liquid asset reserves (cash reserves).

VA Funding Fee

The VA Funding Fee goes directly to the VA to ensure the program keeps running for future generations of military homebuyers by removing any additional burdens off tax payers and veterans.

VA borrowers can roll the funding fee into their overall loan amount. The VA also limits closing costs for veterans and allows sellers to pay most or all of those expenses. Many of our borrowers purchase a home with no money due at closing.

First-time useActive Duty / Guard / Reserve
$0 Down
5-9.99% Down
10% or More Down
Subsequent useActive Duty / Guard / Reserve
$0 Down
5-9.99% Down
10% or More Down
NOTE: VA Loan Fee is waived for applicants with a VA-Rated disability or more than 10%.


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